Women have special nutritional needs especially during pregnancy. When a woman is pregnant, her body needs to support the growth and development of her baby. In addition, the mother-to-be needs to provide her own body with sufficient nutrients and protein. Lean beef, packed with valuable nutrients, can help to ensure good nutrition to the mother-to-be and her growing baby during pregnancy.

Extra protein is required during pregnancy. By including lean beef into the expecting mom’s usual diet, it is more likely that mom and baby will receive the protein and other nutrients they require during the period of pregnancy.

Blood supply is also extremely important during pregnancy, which greatly increases the demand for iron. Low iron levels may compromise the delivery of oxygen to the uterus, placenta and developing baby. Lean beef can help the mom to enhance the supply of iron to her body and to her developing baby.

Including some lean beef into a pregnant women’s diet can help to improve her intake of important vitamins. Another essential nutrient associated with the development of the baby is zinc. The zinc content of beef is high compared with that of other types of meat.

Lean beef seems to be an important part of a healthy mother’s eating programme – especially when expecting!

Anne Till, RD (SA)
Anne Till and Associates, RD’s (SA)