November 15, 2016

Potjiekos – Beef and Vegetable Pot

October 19, 2016

Irish Pub Beef Stew

Irish Pub Beef Stew Save Print   Serve this traditional Irish dish with Irish Soda Bread and butter. – Recipe from   Yields: 4 Portions […]
March 7, 2016

Biltong Potjie

Biltong Potjie Prep Time: Cook Time: For something different, try this amazing Biltong Pot. Ingredients500 g Biltong, cut 500 g Pasta ( any form, except spaghetti […]
February 29, 2016


STEAK AND STOUT POTJIE Prep Time: Cook Time: Yield: Serves 6-8 Invite all your friends and family to come and enjoy this delicious Potjie with you.Ingredients4 […]
October 12, 2015

Beef Brisket Potjiekos

Beef Brisket Potjiekos Recipe for Beef Brisket Potjiekos made with a delicious braai (BBQ) sauce.Ingredients1.5 kg beef brisket or stewing steak, in large cubes 3-4 courgettes, […]
August 28, 2015

Oxtail and Banana Potjie

Oxtail and Banana Potjie This lovely Potjie is best when served with brown or white rice. Ingredients1 Large oxtail, cut into pieces 3 Medium onions, finely […]
August 28, 2015

Beef and Veggies Potjie

Beef and Veggies Potjie In this lovely Potjie extra salt is not needed as the soya sauce contains enough salt. Ingredients1 kg Stewing beef, cubed 1 […]
August 28, 2015

Oxtail Potjie

Oxtail Potjie Nothing says traditionally South African more than a 3 legged pot on the coals.Ingredients30ml butter 30ml canola oil 1.5kg oxtail, small pieces ?seasoned flour […]
August 28, 2015

Simple Beef Potjie

Simple Beef Potjie An indulgent potjie for a cool evening.Ingredientsolive oil ?2 - 3 sliced ox tails ?250 g diced bacon ?2 large chopped onions ?3 […]
August 28, 2015

Curry potjie

Curry potjie Ingredients30ml oil ?1 onion, chopped 2 cloves of garlic, crushed 5ml fresh ginger, finely grated 20ml masala 7ml turmeric 5ml ground coriander 5ml ground […]
April 21, 2015

Oxtail Potjie